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NSS and Extension Service Committee

There are six N.S.S. units - Unit Nos. 82, 83, 135, 139, 188, and 189 under the Youth Welfare Department of the Manonmaniam Sundaranar University. The authorized strength is 100 in each unit. The aims of the N.S.S. are :

1.      To work with and among people.

2.      To engage in creative and constructive social action.

3.      To make National Service more meaningful and purposeful and to integrate the same with the curriculum.

4.      To provide an opportunity to the students to have a sense of participation in Nation - Building tasks.

5.      To inculcate the spirit of national consciousness in the minds of the students.

6.      Sowing the seed of social service in the minds of the students.

7.      To identify the needs and problems of the community and involve the students in the problem-solving process.

8.      To make students involved during emergencies and natural disasters.

9.      To practice national integrity and social harmony.

Dr. W.R. Sam Emmanuel
Dept. of PG Comp. Science
Programme Officers
Dr. W.R. Sam Emmanuel
(Unit No:82), Dept. of PG Comp. Science
Dr. J. Freeda Mabel Rani
(Unit No:83), Dept. of Tamil
Dr. S. Jeslin Sunitha Bai
(Unit No:135), Dept. of Physics
Dr. P. C. Jose Paul
(Unit No:139), Dept. of Economics
Dr. C. Godwin Sam
(Unit No:188), Dept. of History
Mr. J.L. Stalin
(Unit No:189), Dept. of English
Mr. P. Paul Stephenson
Supporting Staff
Mr. G. Jayasekhar
Supporting Staff
Mr. M. Emel Eber Singh
Supporting Staff
  • Marthandam,
    Kanyakumari District,
  • 04651 - 270257
  • principal@nmcc.ac.in,