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Discipline Committee

Discipline brings cent percent perfection in human beings. 

To mold students as good citizens of the country.

To shape students morally upright, righteous, and trustworthy.

Dr. C. Isac Sobana Raj
Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. S. Angelin Sheeja
Dept. of English
Mr. S.R. Arul Raja Selvan
Dept. of History
Mr. A. Jaisingh
Dept. of Comp. Sci. & Application
Dr. G.D. Biji
Dept. of UG Zoology
Dr. D. Latha
Dept. of PG Computer Science
Dr. N. Santhy
Dept. of History
Dr. W.R. Sam Emmanuel
N.S.S. Convener
Dr. A. Boyed Wesley
NCC Officer
Dr. S. Jaya Kumar
Dept. of Botany
Mr. J.L. Stalin
Dept. of English
Dr. R. Edwin Sam
Dept. of History
Dr. A. Joel Keenes
Dept. of PG Commerce
Dr. G. Gnana Elpinston
Dept. of Economics
Dr. C. Godwin Sam
Dept. of History
Dr. J.K. John Britto
Dept. of History
Dr. D. Misbha
Dept. of Comp. Applications
Mr. K. Geethakumar
Supporting Staff
Mr. C.R. Jayasekaran
Supporting Staff
Mr. C. Prince
Supporting Staff
Dr. L. Charlet Bhami
Dept. of UG Zoology
Dr. S. Prabin
Dept. of PG Commerce
Dr. X. Lenin Xaviour
Dept. of PG Mathematics
Dr. S. R. Flanet Raj
Dept. of PG Zoology
Mrs. P. Paul Thangam
Dr. A. Vinu Kumar
Dept. of History
  • Marthandam,
    Kanyakumari District,
  • 04651 - 270257
  • principal@nmcc.ac.in,