The library Block is named after Rev. James Emlyn, an LMS Missionary from U.K. who purchased lands where Nesamony Memorial Christian College is built. The library is a fairly large collection of journals, books, periodicals and e-collections in all disciplines. The library regularly subscribes to most of the leading dailies dailies, and more than 65 standard journals in almost all subjects besides general periodicals in Tamil, English and Malayalam. The general reading room can accommodate nearly 100 readers at a time. Separate reference section is maintained for the benefit of the Post Graduate students and researchers. Open access is given to over all students. The Library is kept open on all working days from 9.15 a.m. to 5.00 p.m. During vacation the library will be kept open on all Wednesdays.

Book Bank

U.G. Students who belong to the socially and educationally backward classes are provided with book bank facilities. They can borrow books from the library for a whole semester which they need not return before the semester examination.


Every student in the college is eligible for membership in the library. On production of the Identity Card at the Library counter, Borrower’s Tickets will be issued to the students for the purpose of borrowing books from the Library. The books borrowed from the library should be returned within fifteen calendar days, failing which an overdue charge will be collected. If the book is not on demand, it will be renewed for another fifteen days. For renewal, the book should be presented at the counter. Each one is personally responsible for the book borrowed on one’s ticket. If a borrower’s ticket is lost, a duplicate will be issued. Books are to be handled very carefully. If any book is damaged when in possession it should either be replaced or its cost be paid with an additional 50% of the cost along with overdue charges. Reference books and periodicals are available only for reference in the Library. Strict silence should be maintained in the library and reading room. No student will be allowed to belittle the academic atmosphere which is the life time of the library.

Departmental Libraries

In addition to the main library, each Post-Graduate and Under-Graduate Department maintains a separate department library with an excellent collection of standard text books, and leading Journals with back volumes.