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Placement cell caters to the employment needs of the students and to the well-being of society through proper guidance and counselling.

Arranging campus interviews and helping students to be employed. Conducting training programmes for competitive examinations in coordination with industries/companies.

Mr. S.M. Goldyn Abric Sam
Dept. of Management Studies
Dr. C.H. Arun
Dept. of Comp. Science
Dr. G.D. Biji
Dept. of UG Zoology
Dr. P.V. Lal Wilson
Dept. of UG Commerce
Mrs. T.N. Jasmin Joy
Dept. of PG Zoology
Dr. T. Beula Bell
Dept. of Computer Applications
Dr. S.C. Jeyakumar
Dept. of Physics
Dr. T. Shyla Isac Mary
Dept. of Mathematics
Dr. A. Boyed Wesley
Dept. of PG Comp. Science
Dr. J. Giftlin Iyadurai
Dept. of English
Dr. A. Joel Keenes
Dept. of PG Commerce
Dr. S.P. Selvin Pragalath Paul
Dept. of Chemistry
Dr. M. Vimala
Dept. of Botany
Dr. T. David
Dept. of Tamil
Dr. S. Sunitha
Dept. of Economics
Mrs. H. Janelent Lina
Dept. of Tourism
Dr. S. Chandra Meghala
Dept. of History
Dr. L. Charlet Bhami
Dept. of UG Zoology
Dr. P. Arul Deva Paul
Dept. of Physical Education
Mr. D. Prince
Supporting Staff
Dr. A. Pramila Inba Rose
Dept. of Mathematics
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    Kanyakumari District,
  • 04651 - 270257
  • principal@nmcc.ac.in,