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Library Services
User Orientation / Information Literacy

For better utilization of resources, we train the library users how to retrieve the information easily. In this regard, at the beginning of the academic year, first-year graduate students were given library orientation regarding resources and services as well as rules and regulations of the library.

OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue)

A computer is installed in the library for OPAC (Online Public Access Catalogue). By OPAC, users are able to know the status of the books available in the library.

CAS (Current Awareness Service)

A current awareness service is a way of informing users know about materials that have been newly received in the resource centre. In this regard, we are displayed a list of newly acquired books in the notice board.


Reference Service is a personal assistance to users that allows them to make greater use of the library and find the information they need quickly and efficiently. For quick access to resources, we have a reference section which includes Encyclopaedia Britannica, Encyclopaedia Americana, Subject specific Encyclopaedias, Oxford English Dictionary (16 volumes), Subject Dictionaries, Lexicons and Gazetteers.


The libraries collect, hold, organise, manage and display documents for the readers to use. The documents are circulated among the users for use outside the library. The circulation system controls the movement of the documents, which is responsible for connecting/linking the documents with the users of the library.

Book Bank

The college library has a book bank for the benefit of socially and economically backward class students. The book bank is a separate collection of books other than library books. The eligible students can get standard text and other books at the book bank that they cannot afford. They can borrow books from the library for a whole semester, which they need to return only after the semester examinations.

Department Libraries

In addition to the Central library, each department maintains a separate library with an excellent collection of standard text books and leading journals with back volumes. Moreover, the library permits the department students to have access to the resources available in the library and renders valuable service to the students concerned.

Internet & Multimedia

The Central library is connected with Wi-Fi facility. Adequate computers are installed in the library for web browsing. Users can avail this facility at free of cost. The library possesses a standard collection of multimedia, which includes Encyclopaedia Britannica, World Book Encyclopaedia, National Geographic, Oscar Award winning movies and subject CDs. Internet and multimedia facilities, available in the library enable the students to access valuable information.

External users

External users with a research interest are permitted to access the library on all working days. The research scholars, who are doing research at various colleges and universities are required to submit a written request to the library for access to the resources. They are allowed to use information sources available in the library without borrowing books.

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