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About the Department
Physical Education is indeed an indispensable constituent of University Education. Teenagers, especially the college students =, need it badly.  In other words, Physical education has an important role to play in the lives of the young.  It helps them strengthen heir limbs, shape their body and make them mentally active and alert.  It also develops sportsmanship and healthy competitive spirit in the youth.
     The youth of this area are endowed with all the characteristics essential for good health Climbing, walking and swimming are part of their daily domestic exercise.  The tilling of land, plouging the field and watering the crops are some of their daily activities. For such youngsters who naturally possess  a good physique, a little bit of motivation and guidance will make them do wonders in sports and games. 
     The Physical education Department of the college has been doing a commendable job in offering guidance and channelising their energy for reaching greater heights in the field of sports and games.  The students of this Colllege have won many a laurel in the past and hey continue to do so. Still, the Department is not without bottleneck in carrying out its jobs successfully.  As the students come from distant villages hey have the necessity to catch the bus in time to reach home i the evening.  Despite such odds the Department is doing its best for the students to make them acquire a sound mind and a sound body.
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